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I’m Lacey Anderson, a girl who can make any special occasion even more special by showering it with beautiful fresh flowers! 🙂 I work at a floral design studio where we make bouquets and flower compositions for all kinds of events, from anniversaries to weddings. I love my job although most of my friends think it’s not serious for a mother of two kids. Well, I’d like to see how their next big celebration goes without bunches of roses in colorful ribbons! As for me, I’m totally happy with my career choice. Being surrounded with blooming beauty eight hours a day definitely wins over sitting in a crowded, dusty office in my eyes 🙂 So if you ever need a nice floral presentation in …, you know where to find me 🙂


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Walls that bloom

A flower family

It somehow turned out that the life of our entire family revolves around flowers. Ever since I was a kid, my mother used to keep a large garden full of roses, lilies, orchids and plenty of other gorgeous species of flora. She would spend no less than two hours there every morning watering and trimming her green ‘pets’ and sometimes even talking to them 🙂 I often helped her. I guess that’s where my passion for flowers comes from. And imagine my surprise when I found out that a guy I had been desperately in love with for half a year turned out to be a flower artist! Such a nice florist couple 🙂 So apart from drowning in flowers from the outside, our home is also full of them on the inside. Our walls are covered with flower pictures, both my husband’s and by other artists. These cute simple canvas paintings make our house very colorful and comfortable. Time and again, we switch them between rooms or replace with fresh ones, just as if those were real bouquets 🙂 Luckily, Steve is never short of those 🙂 I’m not even sure what I like most – getting real flowers or painted ones ))

They will never wither

Today Steve fetched a new flower painting – a lovely canvas by Leonid Afremov. He is some kind of a modern artist selling his pictures online. Although he doesn’t specialize in still lifes (there are much more cityscapes and landscapes on his site), the flower painting section shouldn’t be omitted if you appreciate a mix of gentle composition and spectacular technique. His simple canvas paintings here are amazingly vibrant and romantic. Just look at this wonderful work of art!

  • The colors are used with great care and skill. There is a whole kaleidoscope of them yet the picture doesn’t seem to be overloaded. The contrasts are intense but soft and balanced.
  • Pay attention to the way the strokes are laid. They are applied very thickly and very densely, with rich texture visible even on the photo. Steve said that’s because Afremov paints with a palette knife, not brush.
  • The composition seems to be quite obvious, but it doesn’t have to be overly sophisticated: you get absorbed in the marvelous palette and beautiful style of the painting and don’t really need anything else to enjoy it.

The artwork was so lovely that I put it in the most visible spot of our living room. When I look at it, I nearly feel the tenderness of the petals and the subtle aroma of these fabulous flowers. I bet it’s not our last purchase on Leonid Afremov’s site and he has all chances to become our family florist! 🙂


Hands off Disney!

I won’t probably be the first to write this, but I just can’t keep it to myself 🙂 Since early years, I’ve been in love with Disney cartoons. I must have watched each a dozen times. Colorful, fascinating, funny and endlessly kind, with a strong moral message, they made my childhood 🙂 And today, when I see those pale cinematic imitations of my favorite tales, with slapdash production and miscast actors, I just can’t get WHAT’S THE POINT. There is just one answer I can come up with – money. And when art turns into money-making… Well, the recent ‘Beauty and The Beast’ kind of speaks for the whole Disney movie brewing machine. What should I start with… I’m a big fan of Emma Watson and her Hermione. But this time she just didn’t fit in. Her Belle seemed to be made of paper. No emotions, no commitment. I couldn’t recognize her. It seemed she just squeezed her face into the camera and read the lines without actually giving it any thought. 10 points off Gryffindor! Let’s keep going. Afro-Americans in the Medieval France? And for crying out loud, WHY IS LEFOU GAY?! I don’t want to even mention that the scenario is simply copied from the original cartoon. And even though all the charmed utensils and furniture is made kind of professionally, the 25-year-old cartoon somehow had more charm and life in it than an ultramodern 3D animation. What can I say, I’d rather rewatch the good old ‘Beauty and the Beast’ from distant year 1991 than turn on this rubbish ever again! How about you? Do you share my resentful opinion? 🙂


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